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In order to get to pedagogy, let's sleuth our way through the necessary questions:  who, what, when, where, how, and why


For the purposes of this course, we are focusing on elementary music students, although the sleuthing could apply to any grade level, group, or individual student



What to teach is the curriculum.  What should be taught to these elementary music students?  Check out this link:


What kids need vs. what kids get



Once we have decided what they should be taught, when should those things be taught?  Beginning when?  In what order?  What kind of sequence?

You will find that various pedagogies or methods of teaching music advocate different sequential frameworks.



You would think this should be obvious - in the classroom!  But what about content we can deliver online and through opportunities outside the school day?



This is the pedagogy part - the method of teaching or system of training.

Much more on this coming up!



The biggest question.  All of you love music - you're certainly not in it for the money!  You must also have a passion for teaching. 

Why is it important for elementary children to have music?  

Here are some anecdotal answers I have heard from music teachers in the past:

bulletI love music and I want all children to experience that joy.
bulletBand (or choir or orchestra) was a great experience for me.  We have to teach children music early so they will be musically literate and ready for the ensemble experience in high school.


Here are some anecdotal answers I have heard from parents in the past:


bulletChildren need a break during the school day.  Music is fun and helps them recharge.
bulletI always wished that I could sing (play an instrument) and didn't have the chance.  I don't want my children to miss that.


Here is the best answer I have heard that answers both why and beyond:  

To prepare them to be lifelong musicians. 


Katherine Strand elaborated:  "to help children develop musical capabilities and independence, a hunger for musical experiences, and a sense of confidence to accomplish whatever they want to accomplish in music."


The music teacher you wish you had




So, why is this course named "Advanced Elementary Music Pedagogy"?

Have there been improvements in what you may have studied in the past?


I also teach undergraduate Elementary Music Pedagogy.  In our packed music education curriculum, there is only one course dedicated to elementary music.  We hit the highlights, I throw in some survival skills, and then give them my best advice:  go and get more training, preferably in the form of certification in one of the best practice pedagogies!  This graduate course will delve into these pedagogies in more depth, and then we will try to pull these theoretical frameworks toward current music education policy.









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