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Here are some additional popular elementary music pedagogies:

Now if you like one of the others better, please don't think they are less effective than the Big Three, just less widely used (and even that depends on which country you are in!

Let's delve into a variety of methods*

Suzuki     students learn music in the same way as they learn language
Comprehensive Musicianship     uses the music literature as the source of all music learning
Gordon's Music Learning Theory     audiation, sequence, and music aptitude
Manhattanville Music Curriculum Project     acquisition of musical information is a byproduct of performing and creating
Music in Education     technology-based music program from Yamaha
Education Through Music     program in inner-city schools to help promote academic achievement
Weikert's Movement Sequence     structured movement and folk dance
Threading the Concept     lesson focuses on one concept with many different experiences

*I use the term method here very loosely.  Some of these are not really methods, so as you learn about them, keep an eye out for those that claim to be methods and those that state otherwise.  This will be important in your understanding of each type of pedagogy.


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