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Each student will reach a specified level of proficiency on the recorder.



Grading Criteria


Grading criteria is simple:  Each student must achieve "Black Belt" status by exhibiting passing proficiency on Ode to Joy in the "Recorder Karate" handouts. 


Note:  This is a proficiency.  All students must pass with a score of 90 or above to pass the class.







Students will be given a packet of materials at the beginning of the semester known as "Recorder Karate".



In addition to classroom work with the recorder, each student will be expected to pass through several color levels by satisfactorily playing corresponding songs.  Three deadlines of 3 songs each will be indicated on the Course Outline.  Each song must be passed with no rhythm or pitch errors.  If a student makes an error, he/she must practice and try again another day.  Waiting until the deadline day is risky.



At the end of the semester, each student who passes all 9 levels on time will receive an 'A' grade.  If a student does not pass the 3 songs indicated by the specified deadline, there will be a penalty of 10 points per M-F day.  The 3 deadline grades will be averaged at the end of the semester.



Students who have completed all 9 songs without mistakes are eligible to hear other students pass off songs 1-8 if played before the deadline day.  Dr. Johnson will hear all students  who wait until the last day and will hear all students play the last song (#9).


Notes on Recorders



You must bring your recorder for each class period. 



Put your name on your recorder.



As you pass the songs, you will get a colored "belt."   Attach the belts to your recorder as proof of meeting the requirement. Failure to pass on time lowers your grade by 10 points.



Do not play your recorder until and unless instructed to do so during class.  This wastes everyone's time.  Offenders will be asked to remove the mouthpiece of their recorders and will lose the privilege of playing with the rest of the class. This is an effective policy for an elementary music class.



Tune your recorder by adjusting the connection between the sections.  Do not buy a one-piece recorder.



Please keep your recorder clean.  Use the included cleaning rod after use.



Students interested in additional points can attempt more difficult songs after the Black Belt is attained.  (See the list below.)



Use the following link for online accompaniments to practice for your recorder level tests.  You must get the password from me to access the audio files.


If you play before I say,

I'll take your instrument away.




Recorder Karate Accompaniments

2nd     If You're Happy and You Know It     F
3rdAmerica the BeautifulC
4thGod Rest Ye Merry GentlemenD
6thStar Spangled BannerC


Find many tunes here.



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