1. Songs/Singing

    50 Folksongs Kids Should Know

    Anacreon in Heaven

    The Choir

    Ear-Training Mysteries

    I Am a Fine Musician

    Line Up Songs

    Mama Paquita

    Melody Freeze

    Partner Songs

    Pumpkin Carols

    Radio Game

    Same Train

    Song List Master

    Star Spangled Banner

    Taco Bell Canon

    Teaching a Song by Rote

    Texas, Our Texas


  2. Instruments

    Orff:  Carol of the Bells (.mus)

    Orff:  Pachelbel Canon

    Orff:  This Train

    Orff:  Peace Round

    Orff:  Carol of the Bells

    Recorder  Ode to Joy Duet


  3. Improvisation

    Goldilocks 1

    Goldilocks 2

    Jazz Improvisation on Piano

    Rhythm canon

    Weather Rondo


    Mode loops

    1. Dorian

    2. Phrygian

    3. Lydian

    4. Mixolydian

    5. Aeolian

    6. PentatonicMinor


  4. Composition

    Compose a Melody

    Do-It-Yourself Country & Western Song Kit

    Instrument Limericks

    Polyrhythm Unit (photocopy separately)

    Song Parody

    Telephone Number Music

    Variations and Arrangements

    Write a Rap Song


  5. Reading/Notation

    Rhythmic Duets


  6. Listening

    Song Map Lesson Plan template

    Copland Appalachian Spring

    Fantasia on Greensleeves (Vaughan Williams)


    Cloudburst Powerpoint (Grofe)

    Peter and the Wolf Powerpoint (Prokofiev)


    Classics for Kids (link)

    Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures (link)


  7. Evaluating

    Audience Etiquette Note


  8. Cross-curricular to disciplines

    The Antonym

    Because I Have a Brain

    Groundhog Song

    Music Math Bingo

    Musical Writing Prompts

    The Planting Plan




  9. Cross-curricular to culture

    African Lesson

    America, the Beautiful

    Colonial Parody

    Message Drums

    Integrated Learning:  Pilgrims

    Polyrhythms to Perform



Classroom Management

Principle-Centered Classroom

Setting Limits in the Classroom



Developmental Levels

Books You Should Own



Boomwhacker & Melody Bells Songs

Christmas Singalong



Sacred Music in the Classroom



Lesson Plan Form



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