Elementary Music Education Links



Use these links as a lifeline for DME or even out in the real world.
Please let me know if any of these links are broken and by all means, send me your most helpful links to include.


Getting Started


Why are you even doing this???  Teachers make a difference

Top 10 Tips for Student Teachers



Finding a Job


MENC Career Guide

Scroll down to Career information and job boards


Texas Academic Excellence Indicator

Provides statistics on Texas school districts.  Know what you're getting into!


NAfME Job List

Posted jobs for music educators


Woe Is I

Get this book and clean up your speaking and writing grammar;

a painless way to sound like an educated adult in your interview.


Get Training!


AOSA Approved Courses

Orff training



Kodaly links

First Year


MK8 List

Whatever you do, subscribe to this list for great ideas and advice.

Check out their Idea Bank.  Someone has already done what you need and they will share.


Teacher Tools

Scroll down to the very bottom of this page


Tips for New Teachers

very helpful links from TMEA


Six Ways to Be a Bad Teacher


Music resources for teachers just starting out

Actually, these are great for any experience level!



General Music Education Sites

Music Ed Resources Idea Library


Music Educators Toolbox

Many activities from Carnegie Hall

General music education links

everything you ever wanted to know!


Music at School 

from the UK


Classroom Management

The Really Big List of Classroom Management Resouces

Over 400 sites, but no longer updated, so some broken links


The Really Best List of Classroom Management Resources

A pared-down version of above, again, some broken links.


The Teacher's Guide to Class Management

Many articles, hints and resources


Concert Etiquette


Music Sites for Kids

Easy navigation for kids, but great resources for you also.


Music K 8

Home site for mk8 forum.  Check the Idea Bank as well as supplies and materials to purchase.






a free tool for making rubrics



Rubric construction set

Teacher's Tools

Scroll down on this page toward the bottom to "Teacher Assessment Tool Sites"


Education World

99 ways to say "Very Good!"


Teacher-created Rubrics



Make your own PowerPoints with these great templates


Teacher Tools

Include bookmarks, puzzle-maker, flashcards, worksheets and another list of even more links.



Behavior modification charts and coupons


Teacher Vision

Charts, forms and contracts for use with behavior management


Game Templates

Jeopardy Template

Jeopardy Template II

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Template

Family Feud Template

Hollywood Squares Template

Pyramid Template

Question Gameshow Template

Weakest Link Template

Wheel of Fortune Template



Core Music Standards


Organization of American Kodaly Educators


Kodaly in a nutshell


Orff in a nutshell


Orff instruments


Curwen hand signs


Kodaly rhythm syllables

Lesson Plans


1001 Free Lesson Plans for the General Music Classroom



Choose your level and plan to spend some time browsing.



Jazz lessons from the Smithsonian. 

Find more resources by clicking the "Teacher Lesson Plans" link at the top of the page.



Lesson Plan links



Lesson plans


Rock Hall

Rock & Roll lesson plans geared toward interdisciplinary learning.


Mrs. Lukow's Plans

Scope and sequence for K-6

MENC Guide Index

Online searchable lesson plans, also often geared toward interdisciplinary learning.


Keeping Score

San Francisco Symphony site; Lesson plans cross-curricular



Arts-Integrated Lessons which focus on music.



The music section of their Lesson Bank


The Educator's Reference Desk

Music Lesson Plans


Beacon Learning Center

Lesson plans from Florida



Lesson plans and worksheets

Teaching Materials


Music Quizzes, Games, Worksheets, and Theory



Boomwhacker cards - single measure cards for ostinato or flashcards



List of children's song storybooks with lesson plans





List of children's books for music educators - that they can read themselves, or that you can read to them


Music worksheets


Web-based Musical Activities


Music K-8 Idea Bank

Search this archive for ideas on EVERYTHING


Music Bulletin Boards

Bulletin board ideas for the music classroom


Felt Board Templates


Theatre on a Shoestring

Have to do a program?  Lots of ideas, costumes, etc.






Many many children's songs and midi files. 

Also a good resource for printed material.


NIEHS kids music

Lyrics and midi files to songs for children.


Childrens Songs the teachers guide

Lyrics and midis



Curriculum songs and learning parodies


Official state songs

For all states with sheet music and midi



Graded list of songs




Quality rounds to teach your children




Elementary songs and poems

Songs that teach


Songs for Teaching

A wealth of lyrics, CDs for cross-curricular teaching


Nursery rhyme origin info

Some you might share, others, maybe not!


Nursery Rhymes


Top 50 Nursery Rhymes of All Time

Listening Maps & Lessons

Classics for Kids

Links to radio show, but you can listen from the website



World Music

The Teacher's Guide to World Music - a list of links



Symphony/Instrument Resources

Monica Autry's Powerpoint on Instruments

Elementary lesson including pictures and sound


Playalong accompaniments for recorder

Students play with a cool track


Intro to the Orchestra



San Francisco Symphony great site for kids, could also use in teaching situation if AV tools available



Sample sounds by DSO musicians



Homemade instruments - how to make them and other instruction resources


More Homemade Instruments


Orff Level 1 Example

Orff Level 2 Example

Orff Level 3 Example

Posted on YouTube


Composer/Musician Resources


Classical Composer Database



Bios and sample music by period


Famous Composers


Composer Gallery

New York Philharmonic Kid Site


PBS Jazz

Biographies of jazz musicians


Classics for Kids

Many ways to study them



Several different composition activities



Writing story songs for older children



Midi loops in various modes and scales designed for students to use while improvising


Fraction Pie Rhythms

Teaches rhythm and fractions while composing


Christmas bells

A Flash of handbells - kids could improvise on this set or just experiment with the sound



A whole scale of guinea pigs to demonstrate scales, to play a tune or improvise


A Musical Sketch Pad


Drum keyboard

make up your own drum part



More complicated, but VERY cool


See Game Templates above under "Templates"


Music at Bangar

This music teacher has a great list of links of online music games that kids can play.  There is also a curriculum check-list for every grade!


Free Online Musical Games

Try the Elastic Frog!


Complete Guide to the Cup Song

many videos

Singing Games

Games to play with songs they know



Games and quizzes - awesome list!


PowerPoint Games

templates you can use


Parade of Games in PowerPoint


Teaching With the Arts

Folkdance Resources


Integrating folk music



Music in Motion

Music education resources and gifts



The best recorder and other instruments


Music Fonts

StaffWriter (type rhythms, notes, music symbols, etc. into Word docs) & SingASign(Curwen hand signs and stick rhythms)

Music K-8 Wishlist

Technology in the music classroom


Phillip Martin Clipart

best clipart ever! and free!


Why I Teach Music

free poster





Great site on the science of sound with questions, experiments, exhibits, etc. for children


Concert Manners

Teach this to your students!!


Bloom's Taxonomy


Holiday music activities


Music Centers

Set some up in your own classroom







Music Advocacy



If you ever find that you have to "officially" justify a school music program, here is a PowerPoint called "The Value of Music in our Schools".

It is at the bottom of the page on the left side.


Leading the Fight

Advocacy resources from NAfME


Music Education Online

Several resources in the fight against cutting music education


Analyzing the Situation

Evaluate your program to standards


Standards for Basic and Quality School Music Programs

Resource prepared by the Texas Music Administrator's Conference

Use these standards as a resource to justify improvement of your program


Music Education Advocacy



Amazing 6 year old singer









Using any of these resources?  Let me know how it's going.

I'll post comments and feedback from alumni,

or from anyone who is interested in communicating with our future or newbie music educators.


Alumni:  Please keep me updated on your experiences and check in with your current e-mail addresses. 

And let me know if you find a great link or resource so I can share with everyone!