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Fundamentals of Music

MUSC 2133 


Instructor:  Vicky Boucher

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Note:   This is an organic document!  It will change. 

You are responsible for what is on this page, not a copy you made at the beginning of the semester.


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Week 1

Jan 14-18


Course Introduction

Website tour


Concert Review Essay

Concert Calendar


In addition to the concerts listed on the Concert Event page, there are Student Recitals at 4pm on the following days that you can attend toward your 4 event requirement.  Dates are:

Feb. 12, 26

Mar 4, 11, 25

Apr 1, 15, 22


Turnitin Instructions


Chapter 1:  Notation and Pitch


What is pitch?

Origin of notation


Grand staff and clefs


Names of the Lines and Spaces

Note trainers



Staff, clefs, lines and spaces


Music Flashcards


Fill in the words


Link to this website

On the top of this page, File - Send - Shortcut to desktop

Print staff paper

staff paper sheets with keyboard on top


WebCT setup

  1. Log on to WebCT6

  2. Choose your course

  3. Click “My Settings” in the upper right portion of the screen.

  4. Select “My profile” tab and edit the profile to include the email address you actually check.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Now click on “My Tool Option” tab and scroll to the Mail portion of the screen.

  7. Select the box “Forward all mail messages to the e-mail address in my profile.” 

  8. Click Save.


Begin working through Chapter 1 (will be checked for completion on Tues)


Week 2

Jan 21-25



No class on Thursday

Multiple Intelligences


Recorder Lesson

Here is a copy of the Listening Guide.

Chapter 1 Completion grade (due Tues)


HW Assignment 1 (due Thurs.)

Chapter 1 Review Exercises (pp. 23-24)

Multiple Intelligence Test

Click on this link and take the test. 

Cut and paste your results onto a Word document to turn in on Tues. Jan. 22.


Week 3

Jan 28-Feb 1


Reminder about Concert Attendance

Music History:  Medieval Period


Beowulf Trailer



Meter:  3a

Meter:  3b

Meter:  2 

Meter:  4a

Meter:  4b

Body Percussion



Chapter 2:  The Piano Keyboard


Piano Lab

Dog House

Piano Mouse


Play the notes on the piano quiz


Hot Cross Buns


Chapter 2 Completion grade (due Tues.)

HW Assignment 2 (due Thurs.)

Chapter 2 Review Exercises (pp. 35-38)

Medieval Era Quiz (Thurs.)

Make sure that you have a Tarleton log-in in order to access WebCT from a campus computer


Week 4

Feb 4-7


Music History Renaissance Period


Can She Excuse My Wrongs (Sting)


Chapter 3:  Half steps and Whole steps

Steps and accidentals

Music Theory

Capistrano School


Chapter 3 Completion grade (due Tues.)

HW Assignment 3 (due Thurs.)

Chapter 3 Review Exercises (pp. 51-54)

Renaissance Era Quiz (Thurs.)


Week 5

Feb 11-15




Instruments of the Orchestra

Tone mixer

No class on Thursday

Chapter 4:  Diatonic Scales



Generic intervals lessons-  Major scales

Major scale



Work on Hot Cross Buns (in piano lab)


Week 6

Feb 18-22


Music History:  Baroque Music



Please note:

Under Week 1 above (where the Concert Event Calendar is linked), I have listed Student Recitals that will also count toward your 4 event requirement



Chapter 5:  Key Signatures



Key Signatures

Music Memory Devices


Chapter 4 Completion grade (due Tues.)

HW Assignment 4 (due Thurs.)

Chapter 4 Review Exercises (pp. 71-73)

Baroque Era Quiz (Thurs.)


Study Guide for Midterm Exam



Week 7

Feb 25-29



Review for Midterm Exam

Chapter 5 Completion grade (due Tues.)

HW Assignment 5 (due Thurs.)

Chapter 5 Review Exercises (pp. 93-95)


Week 8

Mar 3-7



Chapter 6:  Specific intervals


Specific intervals

Avoid enharmonic mistakes

Interval Wheel


All intervals listed in your textbook on p. 99


 Midterm Exam (Tues.)



Week 9

Mar 10-14



Music History:  Classical Period



 After quiz, review Hot Cross Buns in piano lab

Chapter 7:  Minor scale


Constructing Minor scales


Minor Scales Worksheet


Chapter 6 Completion grade (due Tues.)

HW Assignment 6(due Thurs.)

Chapter 6 Review Exercises (pp. 115-121)

Classical Era Quiz (Thurs.)




Week 10

Mar 24-28



Romantic Period


Chapter 8:  Triads


Chapter 7 Completion grade (due Tues.)

HW Assignment 7 (due Thurs.)

Chapter 7 Review Exercises (pp. 143-146)

Romantic Era Quiz (Thurs.)

Perform Hot Cross Buns (on piano)


Week 11

Mar 31-Apr 4



Here is a link for the Happy Birthday info


20th Century Music


Chapter 9

Chapter 8 Completion grade (due Tues.)

HW Assignment 8 (due Thurs.)

Chapter 8 Review Exercises (pp. 167-171)

 20th Century Era Quiz (Thurs.)


Week 12

Apr 7-11





Chapter 10

Jazz Quiz (Thurs.)

Chapter 9 Completion grade (due Tues.)

HW Assignment 9 (due Thurs.)

Deadline for first 3 songs in Recorder Karate (Fri.)



Week 13

Apr 14-18





Rhythm Review

Perform Happy Birthday (on piano)

Deadline for songs #4-6 in Recorder Karate (Fri.)

Week 14

Apr 21-25



Listening practice


Music Listening Quiz (Thurs.)


Week 15

Apr 28-30


Review for Final Exam


Theory Proficiency Review


Final:  Tuesday, May 6, 8:00am

Deadline for songs #7-9 in Recorder Karate (Mon.)

Turn in Concert programs (Tues.)





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*Judith Leyster:  Dutch, 1609-1660

     One of only two female members of the painters' guild in her native Haarlem, Judith Leyster was an independent Dutch artist with her own workshop and pupils.

     Leyster produced most of her paintings between ca. 1629 and 1635; her artistic output decreased dramatically after her marriage in 1636 to the painter Jan Miense Molenaer. The couple soon moved to Amsterdam and had at least five children. In addition to raising the children, Leyster may have managed the family's business and properties; she probably also assisted with her husband's art. By 1649 the family was back in Haarlem, where Leyster spent the remainder of her life.

     Although well known during her lifetime, Leyster and her work were largely forgotten after her death until 1893, when a painting acquired by the Louvre was found to have Leyster's distinctive monogram (her initials entwined with a five-pointed star) hidden under a false signature reading "Frans Hals." This discovery led to renewed research and appreciation of Leyster's oeuvre, which had previously been confused with that of Hals. A 1993 retrospective exhibition of Leyster's paintings and the related research have helped restore this painter to her proper place in art history.








20th Century

Haec dies

Agnus Dei

Water Music

Symphony 94


Rite of Spring

Haec dies organum



Symphony 5

The Nutcracker, March

Ancient Voices



Prelude & Fugue

Eine Kleine

Barber of Seville




Pachelbel Canon

Symphony 40

Ride of the Valkyries

Star Wars











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