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Pre-Course Information




  1. How do I register for the class? 

    Follow normal procedures for registration.  However, class size is limited, so if the class is closed, it is full.  Please read the additional information below before registering.


  2. What is the text? 

    The text is The Musical Experience by John Chiego  ISBN-13: 978-0757554049


  3. When do I need the book?

    You need the book for the first week of class.  There is a reading assignment the first week.  I know the book costs $$$$$ in the bookstores, so feel free to find it wherever, but don't ask to delay assignment submission while you are waiting for it to come in or if it is back-ordered.


  4. What are the tests like?

    Each exam will be available within a two-hour window of time, from 8:00pm to 10:00pm on the test days, which are on Sundays.  The exams will only be available during the specified times. They will not be rescheduled to accommodate work schedules or personal conflicts.  Each exam should take about 30-40 minutes.  You will have one hour from the time you begin the exam to finish it.  Each exam will consist of two parts:  1) multiple choice questions based upon the lectures, reading, and other links, and 2) identification of songs from your listening list.


  5. How tech savvy do I have to be to take an online course?

    That is a common question and difficult to answer.  We have great people at the Blackboard Help Desk when there are problems or you need help troubleshooting.  They are able to log into your computer (with your permission) and help you solve your problem.   Or, you could ask someone available to you to walk you through processes at your computer in person.  So, you can still give it a try with the help of son, daughter, brother-in-law, neighbor, or whomever loves you enough to give you a hand :-)


  6. What kind of a computer set-up and software do I need?

    You will need to use Word, PowerPoint, WinZip and be familiar with Blackboard (this is the distance learning environment used by Tarleton; there are tutorials once you have access to the class).  You absolutely need high-speed internet because the audio files used for testing are streamed.  You can't be waiting for each file to load while taking a timed test.  There are a few necessary configurations that will be explained by the Blackboard system, but that are easy to do.


  7. When and how can I access the course?

    On the morning of the first day of class (10am), you can go to Blackboard from the Tarleton website and the link to your course will be there.


  8. How can I take a music class online?

    Hey - you don't need the band in your living room to listen to your favorite tunes, do you?  You can read, can't you?  The lectures are written out - you read your book - you listen to some music (streamed from your computer) - you turn in assignments - you take tests - you have class discussions online - Voila!   That's how you take a music class online.  You "attend" class in your PJ's, with your drink of choice, at 3am.  It's great!






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