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Bury Me Not . . .



Bury me not on the lone prairie,

Mix my dust in a potpourri,

Fold me into a recipe -

A pinch of this and a dash of me.


Toss me into the sculptor's clay

Or the park where the children play,

Make my memory a holiday

Wash it down with a cabernet.


Only those who grieve for me

Will shape my final destiny.

Bury me not on the lone prairie,

Spare the worms and set me free.






Slip Away



Slip away to the other side,

Slip away to the back.

Find a perch to observe,

Leaving time to react.


Slip away to the inside,

Slip away from the day

To a place of invention

And there I will stay.







Some things matter little,

Their consequence is small -

Sharply pointed pencils,

Pictures on the wall,

Deeply scented candles,

Tightly fitted sheets,

Grass that begs for barefoot,

Wine that isn't sweet,

Music in the evening,

Books in every room,

Bubbles in the bathtub,

Add some sweet perfume.

Some things matter little,

Their consequence is small,

But if they are a comfort,

They matter after all.







the Truth



A chance to know and see and feel

The truth would seem to be ideal;

A map through what is fake and real

Could set us free and let us heal.


Some fact will rear its ugly head,

Requiring that we face with dread

The chance that we have been misled.

We overlook the fact instead.







Gardener's Haiku



Take him by the throat;

I take pleasure in his death.

The weed had no chance.






What, Where, Who, How



What can I do to find honor with you?

Where can I go to deserve your respect?

What is the thing I can say to distract you

From making the judgments I've learned to expect?


Where can I stand to be equal with you?

Who can I be to be worthy of praise?

How can I sway you to seek the intrinsic

Beyond the critique your expression betrays?








A Limerick



There once was a wannabe poet

Whose verse sucked, though she didn't know it.


He fed her the line,

"Your rhymes are so fine,"

A smart man - he knew not to blow it.









For Miranda



Her smile cheers my heart and her hugs make my day.

She stays in my thoughts when I hope and I pray.

With every endeavor, she gives it her all,

Courageous to pick herself up when she falls;

Believing the answers are there to be sought,

And wrongs should be righted and battles fought.

Too soon comes the day when her future will call.

It seems only yesterday she was so small.

And then for her destiny she will depart,

Taking the smile that so cheers my heart.

But leaving behind for the rest of my days

My love for the wonderful daughter I raised.









For Jared



When he was small, he'd take my hand wherever we would go.

I knew those days would quickly pass and I would tell him so;

That one day he would grow so tall, he'd think another way,

And his concern would mostly be what all his friends would say.

He told me that would never be - he'd always hold my hand.

And I was glad at least for now, he did not understand.

So we would walk along the way, as precious moments passed

And I would treasure holding hands and times that could not last.

Now he is tall, and he is strong - a very handsome lad,

And though he doesn't need so much, it doesn't make me sad.

In many ways he brings me joy and just like from the start,

Though he may never hold my hand, he'll always hold my heart.










Never and Always



My love, when we speak,

Let us never say never

And never say always

When speaking our minds;

Except when we say

I will love you forever

And never will leave you

You'll always be mine.

Remember these words

As our moments together

Stretch into a river -

A continuous vine.

And when hair of gold

Has long since turned to silver,

I never will leave you.

You'll always be mine.