In the Spirit of Full Disclosure


I understand that you have to have a Fine Arts elective

1. some of you will do the minimum for the credit

2. some of you will drop and wait for an easier class

3. some of you will actually learn something



I really enjoy teaching because:

1. I am gratified when you think differently.  In other words, some of you actually do become more educated.

2. Many of you will remember a few things

3. Teaching causes me to continue to learn



There are 4 kinds of students

1. Those who receive an education

2. Those whose work ethic motivates them to do well

3. Those who get by

4. Those who don’t


I firmly believe that no one does anything unselfishly.  Therefore, I will teach for the gratification of educating a few, presenting a few things that many will remember and because the process of teaching continues to educate me as well.  Knowledge is never complete.  In the food chain, you may be a hunter.  You need this course to attain your goal.  You have spied your prey, and now you will conquer it.  You will do what it takes to kill it – add those three credits to your degree plan.  Well, I am a gatherer.  I am addicted to gathering information – knowledge – understanding.  So, each time I teach this class, the students are instrumental in helping me to gather more.  It is a symbiotic relationship.  Both of us will benefit.  Hopefully.