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Note:   This is an organic document!  It will change.  You are responsible for what is on this page, not the copy you made at the beginning of the semester.

Week 1 

Required Listening

Some selections that you will hear in class will be on your unit exams.  Bring a blank CD for excerpts of these listening selections.  The GA in the computer lab can make you a copy.  To find the computer lab, turn left at the glassed-in office and it is the first door to your left.  Also, below is a link to the titles and artists since the CD will just read Track 1, etc.

Listening List

Chapter 1:  Tin Pan Alley and American Popular Song

Chapter 1 Study Guide

(Remember to complete the Study Guide and print 2 copies - one to turn in at the beginning of class and one to use during class)

Chapter 2:  American Musical Theater

Chapter 2 Study Guide


Chapter 3:  African Origins and Acculturation in the New World

Chapter 3 Study Guide

Multilinear rhythms

Black key improvisations

Link to Course Outline

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WebCT setup

  1. Log on to WebCT6

  2. Click “My Settings” in the upper right portion of the screen.

  3. Select “My profile” tab and edit the profile to include the email address you actually check.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Now click on “My Tool Option” tab and scroll to the Mail portion of the screen.

  6. Select the box “Forward all mail messages to the e-mail address in my profile.” 

  7. Click Save.

Chapter 1 Study Guide completed - bring 2 copies to class

Note:  This will be the same procedure for each chapter.  This will be the only time a specific due date will be mentioned.


Early recording devices

Edison phonograph




Music Man

West Side Story  47:40


Black Minstrelsy 1830-1852

Week 2 

Chapter 4:  Early Commercialization of African-American Music

Chapter 4 Study Guide


Chapter 5:  American Blues Traditions

Chapter 5 Study Guide


Chapter 6:  Jazz in New Orleans and Chicago

Chapter 6 Study Guide


Chapter 7:  Jazz Pioneers in Chicago

Chapter 7 Study Guide


Chapter 8:  Big Bands and the Swing Years

Chapter 8 Study Guide

Chapter 9:  Popular Styles in Jazz Since the Swing Era

Chapter 9 Study Guide


12-bar Blues Form



Beginning of Jazz

Bessie Smith St. Louis Blues

Tommy Johnson in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou

New Orleans Jazz


Additional assignment:  Write words for a blues song in 12-bar form 


The Formation of Jazz


Chicago Blues

Louis Armstrong

Swing Kids

Week 3 

Unit 1 Test Review

Unit 1 Test over Chapters 1-9

Chapter 10:  The Folk Origins of Country Music

Chapter 10 Study Guide


Chapter 11:  Early Commercialization of Country Music

Chapter 11 Study Guide


Chapter 12:  Country Meets Western

Chapter 12 Study Guide


Chapter 13:  Nashville Becomes Music City, U.S.A.

Chapter 13 Study Guide


Have you heard about the new Atkins diet?

The CHET Atkins diet--

you just pick at your food.


Chapter 14:  From Bluegrass to Young Country

Chapter 14 Study Guide

Unit 2 Test Review

Unit 2 Test over Chapters 10-14



Unit 1 Exam Review Sheet


Unit 1 Sample Test


Do-It-Yourself Country Music Songkit



Times Ain't What They Used to Be #4


HeeHaw video clip - The Cornfield


Hank Williams (YT)

Hank Williams III



Unit 2 Exam Review Sheet


Unit 2 Sample Test





Week 4 

Chapter 15:  The Origins and Development of Early Rock

Chapter 15 Study Guide

Chapter 16:  Fifties Pop and Folk Rock

Chapter 16 Study Guide


Chapter 17:  The British Invasion

Chapter 17 Study Guide

Chapter 18:  Psychedelic Rock and Roots Revivalists

Chapter 18 Study Guide


Chapter 19:  Gospel, Soul, and Motown

Chapter 19 Study Guide

Chapter 20:  From Progressive Rock to Reggae in the 70's

Chapter 20 Study Guide


Chapter 21:  Hard and Soft Rock in the 70's

Chapter 21 Study Guide




The Beatles (Fun with the Fab 4, 1st chapter)

British Invasion (Ed Sullivan #9, vol.2, 1 & 2)

The Animals (H)

Woodstock A & B

Janis Joplin

Jimi Hendrix

Joan Baez

The Who

Thomas A. Dorsey

Jackson 5


The Carpenters (ES)

BJ Thomas (ES)

Young Frankenstein


Week 5 

Chapter 22:  New Heights and High Tech in the 80's

Chapter 22 Study Guide


Chapter 23:  Many Sounds from Many Places in the 90's

Chapter 23 Study Guide

Unit 3 Test over Chapters 15-23

Oral Reports

(Click here for assignment guidelines and grading rubric)

100 Greatest Rock Songs (VH1)

100 Greatest Pop Songs

Top 10 Best Selling Singles

Unit 3 Exam Review Sheet


Unit 3 Sample Test



Order of Presentations


Oral Reports






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