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Please read this information carefully to ensure your success when taking exams.  There are no "do-overs."


Each exam will be available within a two-hour window of time, from 8:00pm to 10:00pm on the test days.  The exams will only be available during the specified times. Each exam should take about 30-40 minutes.  You will have one hour from the time you begin the exam to finish it. 


Each exam will consist of two parts:  1) multiple choice questions based upon the lectures, reading, and other links, and 2) identification of songs from your listening list.  There is a complete list of the audio excerpts on your Study Guide.


In order to do the listening portion of the exams, you must print out the Listening List.  The answers to the listening questions will be the numbers assigned to the songs on that page (without a period after the number).  Do NOT try to type in the name of the song.  If you do, every answer will be wrong.


In order to see the play button and volume slider on each audio question, you must have Adobe Flash player installed on your computer.  The link is:  http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/


IMPORTANT!  Before you begin your exam, please turn OFF your pop-up blocker(s).  Make sure your computer is configured as per the Blackboard instructions.  Do not use Google Chrome as your browser when taking the test as there have been issues with the audio files using that browser.  Note:  Depending upon your computer, if you have a problem, sometimes it helps to try another browser, although Blackboard is optimized for Internet Explorer.


You will need Windows Media Player installed on your computer in order to listen to the audio clips. Go to http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/products/windows-media-player  to download Windows Media Player.


Do not try to take the exam using dial-up as it will take too long to load the audio files and you might not have time to finish the test.   You can test the speed of your connection by taking the Practice Test.  There will be 15 audio questions in each Unit Exam.  Some wireless connections are also problematic.  Use a hard-wired connection if possible.  Make sure yours is stable by taking the practice test.


Click on the "Save" button after every question, not just at the end.  This will ensure that your answers are recorded.


If your computer freezes during the exam, just log back in, and click on 'Continue Assessment' and it will pick you up right where you left off.  If that doesn't work, close your browser entirely and then log in.  If that doesn't work, call the help desk (254/968-1960).  Note:  none of these measures will work if your time (one hour) has expired. 


Some of the test questions will have more than one correct answer.  Here's an example:


Mickey Mouse is

A.  a Disney character

B.  a cartoon

C.  a character on Law & Order


The correct answer would be to select both "A" and "B".  If you select only "A" you would receive half credit on that particular question.  Always be aware of the possibility of multiple answers and select all that apply.


On every exam, there will be questions that are not covered in the lecture or study guide and that you will only recognize if you have read the material in your textbook.  So, keep up with the reading.  It will be worth your while.


Only in case of "excused absence" will you be able to make up an exam.  These instances will require written documentation (something from a healthcare provider, for example).  Missing an exam because of work or personal conflicts does not qualify as an excused absence.  The exams are scheduled at the beginning of the semester.  Please make sure that you make arrangements.  Also, if you must take an exam at a different location than normal, you must go through all of the configuration steps on that computer also.  If the audio doesn't work because you didn't test it or the connection isn't fast enough, those are not "excused" reasons.  If you must miss an exam for an "unexcused" reason, an optional Final Exam is provided that will replace any one Unit Exam grade.  Please do not ask to reschedule an exam because of work or personal conflicts.


There is no final exam for this class unless you choose to take it to replace a low exam grade :-)

The date and time for the Final Exam will be listed on your Course Outline.

  • The Final Exam will have the same number of questions as the Unit Exams (50 questions) and you will have the same amount of time (one hour). 

  • The same question sets (one from each of the 3 units) are used for the Final Exam. 

  • There will be listening questions from each unit

  • The questions will be randomly selected from each question set, so no two students will get the exact same questions. 

  • Since the possible questions are exactly the same as the Unit Exams, there is no separate study guide for the Final Exam.



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