Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered Google’s query,

Over many a quaint and curious outfit in the costume store,

Though I surfed and kept on clicking, still I knew the clock was ticking

And I had to do some picking if it mattered what I wore.

There must soon be some decision by October or before.

So I chose for evermore.


This is then the invitation to my spooky celebration

On October twenty-seven, seven-thirty - not before.

Don't forget that you should dress up.  Oh my God, you'd have to fess up

If you ever dared to mess up when you knock upon my door!

Never shall a plain-clad human take a step upon my floor.

Wear a costume.  Nothing more.


If you'd like to bring libation, finger foods or such donation,

When you reach your destination, you'll be met with praise galore.

As I like to be thematic, and I tend to be dramatic,

Guess I'll have to check the attic for the proper haunt decor.

 One thing you can count on is your hostess won't be sweet Lenore.

Nevermore!  Nevermore!


R.S.V.P.  Vicky

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