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Course Outline    Syllabus



Harmony in songwriting does not have to be complex.  Some of the best songs have very few chords.


3 Chords  G   C   D   (I  IV  V)


4 Chords    I V vi IV


More 4 Chords



Simple chord progression (a place to begin)

F   G   Am

Get these chords under your fingers and improvise a melody above.




You may want to add a bass line and some rhythm.

Here's some inspiration:


30 Best Rock Riffs


100 Riffs



Chord Types



Power chords



Chord loops

One chord loop

Am7  Dm7   F   G

Slow blues jam in C

Blues in A

Blues in Am

Blues Rock in G

Blues in C


"Chord Painting" 

Flyleaf sings "Tiny Heart": at the end, the lyrics say "waiting" and it ends on a chord out of the key (key is F, last chord is F#minor and melody note is a C#)  This is word painting, leaving the listener . . . waiting.










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