Course Name

Vicky Boucher   Office 122    Ext. 9238



Course Description

“This course ...”   



Required Text and Materials

Music:  An Appreciation, Sixth Brief Edition, by Roger Kamien, with accompanying CDs

You also need materials for taking notes.  I would also suggest keeping your materials in a notebook.  It will not, however, be graded.

You MUST have access to a computer for receiving e-mails, checking the Course Outline, receiving assignments, and utilizing the listening software.  There are computers available in the Fine Arts building and in the library, open at scheduled times, but it is your responsibility to access these course elements as necessary.  Your failure to do so is not an excuse for late or missed assignments, or for missing course updates or other communication.



Course Objectives

Students in this course will:



Course Activities

In-class lectures, discussions and guided listening

Reading, listening and written assignments

PowerPoint presentations



Course Requirements

Quizzes over reading material

Unit exams which will include listening identification.  Make-ups for exams will be considered in cases of excused absences (see criteria below).




Grades will be determined according to the percentages below:

50%  Unit exam average

20%  Chapter quiz average

10%  Participation grade

20%  Group project grade




Attendance is required.  Absences will only be excused  with proper written documentation on letterhead.  This includes a note from a healthcare provider in case of illness or a form signed by a sponsor (presented in advance) in the case of a University sanctioned activity.  Attendance at funerals and court appearances will also be excused with proper documentation and advance notice.   A student's absences will not change any deadline or assignment requirements.  You are always responsible for any material you miss, so check the course outline and/or consult a fellow student.  Each class will begin on time and the door will be closed.  If you arrive and the door is closed, you are late.



Classroom Policy

No food or drink in the classroom.

Turn off your cell phones and put them out of sight (mine and yours).  Text messaging is prohibited during class.

Attention will be given to the lesson at hand, or you will be excused from the classroom.  (In other words, no working on other homework, personal business, sleeping, etc.)

Keep you backpacks and other personal belongings out of the aisles.

If your conduct for any reason is unacceptable, you will be asked to leave.  Do not return to class until you have made an appointment to see me and the situation has been resolved.



Students with Disabilities Policy

It is the policy of Tarleton State University to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other federal, state, and local laws relative to the provision of disability services. Students with disabilities attending Tarleton State University may contact the Office of Disability Services at 254-968-9400, Email or go to Suite 201 on the second floor of the Math Building to request appropriate accommodation.  This information can also be accessed here.  Once your needs have been verified, I will work with that office to accommodate them.


Academic Conduct

Cheating, plagiarism (submitting another person's materials or ideas as one's own), or doing work for another person who will receive academic credit are all impermissible.  This includes the use of unauthorized books, notebooks, or other sources in order to secure or give help during an examination; the unauthorized copying of examinations, assignments, reports, or term papers; or the presentation of unacknowledged material as if it were the student's own work.  Any student caught cheating will receive a grade of "F" for the class.  Further disciplinary action may be taken beyond the Department of Fine Arts .  This decision will be mine in consultation with the department head.  Cheating is serious business and the penalties for engaging in this sort of activity will be severe.   Consult the following link for further information on academic conduct as specified in your student handbook:   If you are unsure what constitutes cheating, please review this section in your handbook as you will be held responsible for this information.




Discussion Info

Requirements and deadlines:  You will have a discussion question each week.  You should post an answer to the question by Friday at midnight.  At least two additional posts (responses to other students' posts) are due by Sunday at midnight.  Ten points will be deducted from the week's discussion grade if posted late.


Answer the question entirely, not just one thought.  Don't just paraphrase something I said - do some thinking, reading on your own.  It doesn't have to be a long answer, but it should not consist of a single point.  It should also not be a simple yes or no answer, even if you put the word "definitely" in front of it.


In responding to others' answers, feel free to ask them for clarification or for further information to justify their answers.  "I agree" is not a discussion.  Neither is a paraphrase of their post.  Your response should add something to the original post, ask, or answer a question.  Ask questions like "I wonder why . . .," "Why is it that . . . ," "Do you think . . . ," to encourage others to delve deeper into the subject.  Remember that chit chat responses ("I saw you at the movies last night," etc.) will not be counted toward the response post requirement.  As a matter of fact, those belong in the Water cooler!


Please write in complete sentences and use correct punctuation, capitalization, etc.  We do become accustomed to shorthand in e-mails and text messages, but you should be able to do it the other way also, and this is a good forum in which to practice.  You will be graded on this as a writing assignment, both on content and form.


Please begin your response posts with the person's name to whom you are responding.  Some of the threads go back and forth between people and when read in compiled format, become very confusing.


These submissions are time and date stamped, so don't miss the deadlines.   I read all of your posts in context, in the discussion forum.  However, when I grade them in WebCT, I am looking at only your posts, so keep that in mind when you judge your own participation.


Ask VB:  Think of this as raising your hand in class.  This is for clarification or problems that others might be having, as well.  However, please be conscientious to check the course outline and your email, as well as reading the other "Ask VB" posts before asking questions so as not to duplicate, as that wastes others time to read through and my time to answer.  Also, please don't send the same question through "Ask VB" and email for the same reason.  I do appreciate receiving posts when links are missing, or other errors so I can correct them quickly.


Assignment Submission


Submit assignments as  Word documents unless specified otherwise. 


Save the document as Week1_Assignment1.1_YourName.doc (substituting the correct week and correct assignment number and using your own name :-)


Always use a heading at the top of the page which includes your name and the assignment number.


Upload the Word document in the assignment section as an attachment.  Do NOT send your assignment to me via e-mail.  If you can't submit it, contact me and I will reset the submission.


If you have Word 2007, save your file with a .doc extension, and not a .docx extension.


Occasionally your assignments may be returned to you for a redo.  Make your corrections and resubmit through the Assignment section as before.




 It is very important that you name your file according to the instructions above.  Otherwise, I have to rename each file.  So please take a moment to rename the file before submission if you do not name it as above originally.







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