How to Register Your Clicker

Create an Account

  1. Go to

  2. Click on "Higher Ed Log in" on the menu at the upper right.

  3. Choose "Higher Ed Students"

  4. Select "Tarleton State University" from the dropdown

  5. Click "Choose Site"

  6. Click on "Create a New Account" (unless you already have one)

  7. Create your account.  Your serial number is on the LCD screen when you turn on your clicker

  8. Your username should be your first name and last name - the first name that you actually go by  Ex:  Bob Smith.

  9. Click "Submit" to create your account

Enroll in a Class

  1. Click "Yes" to enroll in your class

  2. Enter your Class Key (check your Course Outline for this code)

  3. Click "Submit"

  4. Choose your payment option ($13 is the charge; CCard is easiest) Click "Continue"

  5. Fill in your billing information and click "Continue"

  6. When complete, click "Log Out" to record your information

Technical Support


Call this number if you have a problem with your clicker: