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Fundamentals of Music

Music 2130

The Music Lesson

Lord Frederic Leighton


The stringed instrument is a Turkish ‘saz’.




 Dr. Vicky V. Johnson, Rm. 122

Office hours: posted

E-Mail: vjohnson@tarleton.edu

Phone: Ext. 9238




 Course Objectives

This course is designed to further the development of basic music theory, including note and rhythm reading, major and natural minor scale construction, key signature identification, interval construction and identification, tonality and triads. Students will also be exposed to music from each of the different periods of music history, receiving information regarding the development of music up to the present day.  

 Required Text and Materials


Text:  The Music Kit, 4th ed.  Tom Manoff

Music staff paper:  go here to print your own

Pencil and eraser:  I will not accept any assignment written in ink; mechanical pencils are a good choice

Peripole Recorder

Bring these materials to every class session.


 Course Activities


In-class lectures, discussions, reading and written assignments and guided listening

Assignments and activities related to elementary music pedagogy

There is a one hour lab requirement for this course.  It will consist of listening assignments and/or computer assignments as necessary.  These will be listed on the Course Outline.  The lab will not be scheduled as a class.  You may work on these assignments in the lab at your convenience.


 Course Requirements


Homework Assignments



Tests over the eras of music history which will include listening identification

Exams covering basic music theory.  Make-ups for exams will be considered in cases of excused absences.  See Attendance Policy below.

Instrument Proficiency

A minimal level of proficiency on recorder and piano will be assessed by performance



Grades will be determined according to the percentages below:



15%  Proficiencies and demonstrations

Ability to read music will be assessed by proficiency tests on recorder performance

Aural skills will be assessed by piano proficiency requirements

20%  Daily Assignments

Homework assignments:  These are due at the beginning of the class period on the due date.  The Course Outline on the website will reflect the correct due dates.  Late assignments will be penalized 10 points per calendar day


Daily quizzes:  These will be over vocabulary and information from reading assignments.  There are no make-ups for these quizzes.

20%  Music History Quizzes

There will be a series of lectures surveying music history which will be assess by  quizzes.

10%  Concert attendance/report

A Concert Event Calendar will be provided at the beginning of the semester.  Please schedule your attendance early.  Other events may be authorized on a case by case basis.  At the end of each performance, students must have their program for the performance signed by the house manager or a member of the faculty. The program must be turned in to the instructor.  A Concert Review Essay is required if only 2 performances are attended.

5%  Participation grade

Every aspect of this class is cumulative and builds on what was learned before, so if you miss a class, you will be behind.  We do not have time to go back, so your presence and participation not only affects your learning experience, but also that of your fellow classmates.  In addition, demonstrations and critiques of music pedagogy cannot be reproduced.  Each absence will result in a 2 point deduction from the participation grade.  Each tardy will deduct 1 point.


15% Mid-Term Exam

15% Final Exam


Grades will be calculated on a point system as indicated below:


Recorder Proficiency 9 tunes, 10 pts for 1-8 and 20 pts. for #9100
Piano Proficiency 50
Music History Quizzes 8 quizzes @ 25 pts. each200
Concert attendance 4 concerts @ 25 pts. each or 2 concerts @ 25 pts. + 1 report @ 50 pts.100
Homework assignments 10 @ 20 pts. each (graded) 10 @ 5 pts. each (ungraded)250
Participation 2 pts. per class*50
Mid-term Exam 100
Final Exam 150

*Note:  the number of class days is actually 28, not 25, so it is possible to get more than 50 points

 Attendance Policy

Attendance is required.  Absences will only be excused  with proper written documentation on letterhead.  This includes a note from a healthcare provider in case of illness or a form signed by a sponsor (presented in advance) in the case of a University sanctioned activity.  Attendance at funerals and court appearances will also be excused with proper documentation and advance notice.   A student's absences will not change any deadline or assignment requirements.  You are always responsible for any material you miss, so check the course outline and/or consult a fellow student.  Each class will begin on time and the door will be closed.  If you arrive and the door is closed, you are late.

 Students with Disabilities Policy

It is the policy of Tarleton State University to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other federal, state, and local laws relative to the provision of disability services. Students with disabilities attending Tarleton State University may contact the Office of Disability Services at 254-968-9478 to request appropriate accommodation.  This information can also be accessed at  http://www.tarleton.edu/~stuserv/handbook/HandbookInfo.htm#Disability


 Classroom Policy

No food or drink in the classroom.

Turn off your cell phones and put them out of sight (mine AND yours).  No text messaging during class.

Attention will be given to the lesson at hand, or you will be excused from the classroom.  (In other words, no working on other homework, personal business, sleeping, etc.)

Keep you backpacks and other personal belongings out of the aisles.


 Academic Conduct



Any student caught cheating will receive a grade of "F" for the class.  The student will then be reported to the Judicial Affairs Office.  The infraction will be placed in the student's permanent file and further disciplinary action may also be brought against the guilty student.  Cheating is serious business and the penalties for engaging in this sort of activity will be severe.  Consult the following link for further information on academic conduct as specified in your student handbook. http://www.tarleton.edu/~stuserv/handbook/AcademicRights.htm#Conduct




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